Last year, I wrote and self-published the book Conquering Hollywood: The Screenwriter’s Blueprint for Career Success.  Based on the book’s stunning success, I created Breaking Into Hollywood, a comprehensive, interactive course-work -- a roadmap that reveals exactly how to get noticed, gain access, create quality relationships inside Hollywood, and do the very things that will turn your talent into a career.




Breaking Into Hollywood -- this project, master course and community that’s growing faster than bamboo -- was informed by my experience over 25 years championing writers, filmmakers and talent of every kind.  It’s inspired by my love of storytellers across film, tv and the web. It’s birthed with one purpose in mind: to embrace you and all ‘creatives’, to help you create real progress and meaningful success so you continue to deliver your stories and talent to the world, so you can do what you’re meant to do.

This course, this community, the book are all about choosing wisely. Committing to simple new habits and strategies, and taking small actions one day at a time. Actions that will open doors, save you years, and deliver a reward far greater than just money.

Breaking Into Hollywood is designed to help you live the life you’d truly choose for yourself, without compromise, and create the relationships and support and access that allows you to grow a sustainable business and career as an artist -- avoiding the struggle and frustration that plagues the vast majority of aspiring creatives.  It’s also about what I learned that doesn’t work, and this last bit just might be the most important.

Every one of us who chooses to pursue the life of a writer, a creative, a storyteller has no clue how to get there at the beginning of our journey.

These strategies, forged in the trenches while representing, producing, collaborating with and successfully launching careers for a lot of talented writers and filmmakers, can and will work the same sort of magic for you -- if you’re willing.

-Gary W. Goldstein 

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