This program has been prepared with inordinate care and detail to facilitate your unique, highly-personalized game-plan to break into Hollywood.

I believe in velocity… getting things done and done quickly. You too can save years, accomplish major goals, hit benchmarks most would think improbable if not impossible, in a surprisingly accelerated time frame.

The moment you complete this course-work, you’re ready to spring into action with laser-like precision, sprint past your competition, gain access, spark new relationships and, with surprising speed, generate results most would think a miracle… and do so in a fraction of the time it takes even the most dedicated who lack your precise plan and these proven strategies.

The following may seem a negative statement, yet you and I know this is a crucial truth.

Perfection is a lie.

It never arrives. Waiting for the perfect moment has defeated more talent, buried more dreams and stifled more ambitions than anything else. Perfection is the enemy.

The vast majority wait. They wait for that perfect storm of a moment that never seems to arrive. They might as well be gazing into the distance watching their dream recede. Being successful as a writer or filmmaker or tv show runner or any amazing creative career is not a passive affair. It’s too exciting, and the alternative is not acceptable. And those who want it badly enough -- who know they’re meant to thrive in the fields of creativity -- are just a bit more driven, a bit more active. They’re just that much better than the 99% who lack strategy, who fall just shy of being committed, who take writing course after writing course, send out blind query letters, and hope to get lucky.

Your Ph.D. is all you need… pig-headed determination.  

The fact you’re reading this tells me you understand, you’re ready, you’re determined, you’re ready to go ninja and do whatever it takes to succeed as a storyteller, to get your stories made, whether for the big screen, the small screen or otherwise.

It’s time to stop being embarrassed. It’s time to stop waiting for permission. It’s time to rid yourself of any lesser story that keeps you from diving into the breach, taking imperfect action and living the life you desire and deserve. The time is now, this minute. Every minute we waste is an insult to eternity.

I believe in you, lots of people around you believe in you, and now it’s time to get fierce, to scream into the mirror your mantra of self-belief, confidence, vitality, capacity and make the promise.  Promise every day you will do things that bespeak danger and discomfort, that stretch the dimensions of you, the things that must be done to live the life you commit to now.

It’s your time to be pig-headed, to be on fire, to celebrate and crash through and make the best of every ‘no’ and, in fact, to invite more rejection into your life. It's simply time to do what must be done, and your ‘doing’ will be daily, specific, actionable and measurable.

This is serious business.

This is your life.

Welcome to Breaking Into Hollywood !

I’m lit up about what we’re going to accomplish together and thank you for believing in the possibility of your greater success and for trusting me enough to help guide you.

~ Gary W. Goldstein

p.s.  Over the next couple of pages, you’ll discover a bit more detail about what to expect over the course of the 10 modules I’ve designed for you.


By the end of this program, you will know exactly…

      How to construct the optimal logline and pitch for your project

      The specific people you’ll reach out to for feedback to insure your logline, pitch, query and other materials are market-ready

      How to ‘wow’ your audience by telling “the story behind the story” -- the secret sauce that sets you apart and gives you an unfair advantage over the competition

      How to open doors, access people who can make a difference, and what to say to keep that door open and grow those relationships

      How to infuse all your conversations, correspondence and pitches with your unique creative signature.

      How to train others to say ‘yes’ when you ask for your ‘desired outcome’ (and how to build from smaller to bigger results as you build these relationships)

      How to transform Hollywood assistants into your own personal brand evangelists

      How to get referrals and lay the groundwork to attract your dream team (agent, manager, attorney)

      How to identify your most powerful story

      How, where and with whom to practice and perfect your pitch to ‘win’ every time you speak or meet with someone on your Top 100 List

      How to test your entire marketing toolkit before you ever ‘get in the room’

      The importance of and how to begin creating your own content to take control of your career

The exercises in this course are designed to shine a clear bright light showing you precisely how to move your career forward.  Complete these exercises and you’ll have a solid, unshakeable foundation for success.

“How to break in” will no longer be theory, no longer feel random or mysterious. You’ll have in your hand a literal roadmap, a tailored blueprint and precise action plan.  It’s now personal and personalized for you, as unique as your fingerprint.

Contemplation often makes life miserable.

        We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.

~ Nicolas de Chamfort

You can and will move the needle significantly for your career IF… you invest a very modest 30 minutes 5 days each week.

No different than physical exercise, your results will begin to show quickly if you’re consistent, persistent, disciplined about investing those 30 minutes.  You will feel better, do better, be better and you will see results… guaranteed!

No program works unless you work. So please, if you’re expecting Breaking Into Hollywood, or anything else, to magically solve your problems, make you money or win you awards, please do not sign-up. This is for people who are serious about their success.

Plus, we actually care that you implement our material, do these exercises, create highly effective new habits, and begin to see measurable results. We are fully committed to helping you change your business and your life.

That’s why you must agree upon registration to our 30 Day Refund Policy. You can test drive Breaking Into Hollywood: The Master Course for up to 30 days from registration. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed exercises for all available modules, along with your phone log. That means you must take action in this program. We know that if you take action and do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.

We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed students only. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and inspired, action-oriented learning.

We’re challenging you to think differently, to behave differently, and to become the person you’re meant to be.

Here’s your investment…

#1: Do the exercises that live at the heart of this course-work.

#2: Allocate time (30 minutes x 5 days / week) to apply the fruits of these exercises in the real world and begin harvesting a rich crop of progress, relationships, opportunity, all the stuff that insures a successful, enduring career.

So make a daring choice and commit to spending just 30 minutes every weekday -- if you choose to spend more than 30 minutes and/or invest time on your weekends, so much the better – to do the work so you can turn your dreams into your reality.


Plan to spend additional time on social networks, working to improve your profile, connecting with others, and participating in discussions and conversations. Just remember that while your time on social media can be fun, your primary purpose for using social networks is to network so spend your time wisely.

Suggestion:  Create a diary for this course.  Break it into sections in keeping with the ten different modules you’ll be completing as you work through this master class.  Make notes, ask questions … these will be great for you to have on hand when you “Hangout” with Gary in Part 2 of this project.  You’ll be able to submit questions for Gary to answer during these Hangouts.  Better yet, jump in and ask your question ‘live’ and have Gary answer while you’re together, video screen to video screen.

Congratulations again on caring enough about yourself and your career to do something big, to roll up your sleeves with us, to turn your talent into a real business.

Thanks also for being a part of this amazing Community.  I’m excited to see more of you in ‘hangouts’ and live gatherings and other fun stuff we have planned !  I’m excited as well to follow your progress, hear your success stories, learn what strategies or parts of Breaking Into Hollywood are most effective and valuable for you. Please stay active in the Community, write me with any ideas or feedback or questions, and stay connected with us not just on Google+ but also on Twitter and Facebook.

Welcome to your future,

Gary W. Goldstein

NEW:  We’ve set up an EVERNOTE NOTEBOOK for you, and enthusiastically encourage you to use this tool to complete your work as you move through this Master Class.