Here are a book and course of practical advice for those seeking a career in Hollywood, written by someone who really knows what the hell he's talking about.

~ J.F. Lawton, Screenwriter (Pretty Woman, Under Siege)


Gary Goldstein is truly amazing at building relationships, allies, and champions in the movie & tv business.  Take 30 minutes a day to apply his strategies and six months from now, you'll be able to get your scripts into many of the most important doors in Hollywood.  Every writer should read this book and take this course!

~ Hal Croasmun

    Founder & President, ScreenwritingU.com




Because of Gary, especially his ‘gatekeeper’ strategy, I just produced and my brother just directed our first feature length film. In just several months, we had major players attending screenings of our short film and taking meetings with us, which lead to an offer and signed deal to produce/direct our first major film. All this was 100% the result of ‘tools’ Gary gave us.

~ Pina De Rosa, Producer

    Note: our feature length film was produced & released since this testimonial.




I am living proof that the author knows his stuff.  When I met Gary, I had nothing but talent and a drive to succeed.  Nine months and seventy-five meetings later, I had my first script option, my first studio writing assignment, and a Writers Guild card.

~ Allison Burnett, Screenwriter & Director

   (Autumn in New York, Feast of Love, Gone, and Undiscovered Gyrl)


In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my e-mail address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. All thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his sleeve !

Jan Stanton, Screenwriter




Less than two weeks after completing Gary's course, I signed with a manager with a great reputation. My new 'rep' told me the only reason he continued our initial call, and thus the only reason he signed me, was that I 'knew how to pitch - something very few writers know how to do'. Truth is, I wasn't at all prepared for a pitch, but merely used Gary's technique for logline-based phone pitches. So thanks, Gary, for teaching me how to make it all happen in the real world, and quickly.  I now have a team !

~ Danek Kaus, Screenwriter 




Gary Goldstein is a writer's best friend. You get the truth, you get the tools, and you get the support -- tremendous value !

~ BJ Beauchamp, Screenwriter

   Screenwriter & former Director of Business Affairs, Sony Pictures


When I became your student, I was a mom with a script. Now, I'm a series writer-producer-director. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my biggest dreams. 

~ Sally Rubin, Screenwriter, Producer, Author




A Master Teacher friend said, "Do you think Gary W. Goldstein can deliver all he promised?"  I just re-read the promotional materials to see if you did deliver, scrutinizing them for even one loophole.  


I couldn't find one.  I didn't think I would.  


To further evaluate the benefits I received from your course, I did a quick online check with these searches and statistics: 


• How to get a screenplay agent (1,110,000 results)

• Hollywood film distribution companies (17,700,000 results)

• What film companies accept unsolicited screenplays (34,500 results)

• How to find executives of Hollywood film companies (380,000 results)

• How to write a query letter (445,000 results)


To say your program is a huge time-saving, analysis-saving, simplified version of hundreds of hours of sifting through information overload is an understatement.  Better yet, your information comes from pounding-the-pavement experts, not the least of which is you!  


I’d have paid a healthy sum just for your audios and interviews, but to get them AND the handouts, videos, book chapters… pure treasure !


I genuinely appreciate all the hard, smart work/experience you packed into your truly life-changing course.  I agree with my husband's conclusion after his eavesdropping - that you really care about the students and are 'vehhhree' smart. Thanks again.

~ Emily Sharp White, Screenwriter




I’d no idea how many bad habits I’d learned, how ineffective my choices, or why I’ve felt so frustrated. Now I’m in control and quickly building an actual career, making real relationships.

~ James C. Burau, Screenwriter


The examples of "what not to do" were worth the price of admission alone. 

~ Paul Clingan, Screenwriter




Your book has been a revelation for me, filling a great void in my knowledge and understanding that no one else has been able to address.  Your book and online content are so genuine and personal that I already feel as though you've been mentoring me. If you don't mind, I'd like to share an example from this weekend...


Saturday, Jerry Bruckheimer had a book signing in Bloomfield, KY, only fifteen minutes from where I live.  As you taught me, I prepared by searching for "connective tissue" online and discovered Jerry’s a passionate photographer.  Perfect!  I'm also an avid photographer.  I selected one of my prints for him, and wrote a brief personal note on the back. After Jerry signed my copy of his book, I mentioned our shared love for photography and handed him my print.  He graciously accepted it, smiled, and replied "It's gorgeous, I'm tellin' ya'."  


A small interaction, yes, but hopefully memorable.  Now he can associate my name with a photograph and our positive interaction.  Your book helped me prepare and gave me confidence to interact in a genunine and meaningful way.  I'm learning !


Gary, I realize that the knowledge and wisdom you share is hard won, and I'm overwhelmed with how generously you pour it forth. 

~ Michael Hartung, Screenwriter




Even before Gary’s course was over, I found representation!  My investment was more than worth it, and will pay off even more in the future.

~ Judith Bassat, Screenwriter


Your advice about the story being so essential has proven to be a master stroke.  We have redeveloped our project, and it’s now been picked up by a leading Canadian company.

~ Adam Medaglia, Screenwriter & Producer




Reminding me of the Buddhist saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Your hard-won wisdom reached me at just the right time.


Having spent half  a career in corporate sales, I originally thought I could transfer the same skill-set to the world of promoting my writing in a similar fashion - wrong. Your insights into a world that 'are' industry specific, provided me with the exact roadmap I needed, and stayed true to the very universal truths I’ve relied on throughout my career.


Again, a sincere thank you for taking the time to send along your note of encouragement, from an "emailed, blind query letter."

~ Joey May, Screenwriter




I’ve learned more about how things really work from Gary than I have over the past 10 years and countless other classes!  Every word is a gem of insider knowledge.  As a result, I’ve lost my fear !

~ Angela Falkowska, Screenwriter


I'm holding auditions this week for my first feature film because of Gary’s book.

~ Ryan Doyle, Producer




We were very green screenwriters trying to break into Hollywood. With zero connections and lots of mis-guidance, we'd been led astray by people pretending to know. Then we met Gary, “the real deal” who took our calls, gave us advice and steered us in the right direction -- all without incentive or benefit. Gary's guidance hugely impacted our career and helped us achieve specific creative and career goals.

~ Karine Marwood, Screenwriter and Filmmaker




Gary Goldstein is a master storyteller. Through real world experience as a producer, he is a fount of marketing tips that get to the heart of how to be successful in any business, including the film & tv industry

~ Peggy Kennedy, Strategic Marketing Executive (formerly SVP Ogilvy)


I've just read your book twice and made pages of notes that I'm now condensing into an action plan. It's great to have some direction instead of simply sending out queries and hoping to get script requests.

~ Kingston Medland, Screenwriter




For anybody in the entertainment industry, this book cleverly spells out the secrets of a wonderful career, with total honesty, heart, openness and generosity. It's a page-turner that will save you years of learning, because it's written by someone who has accumulated decades of knowledge and wisdom. If you follow his strategies, you will succeed. Period !

~ Tetchena Bellange, Actress


After 3 years of struggles and hitting bottom, Gary Goldstein's secret sauce strategies allowed me to finally turn it all around, and I’ve just been hired to rewrite a $30M fim. Gary’s master course and strategies will rescue many talented writers and filmmakers. When failure's not an option, Gary's teachings are the solution. They're working miracles for me.

~ Terry Herbert, Screenwriter




Gary W. Goldstein’s mentoring will prove 100% better than whatever else you may be considering. He will change your life.  

~ Marilyn Warda, author, The Randomness of Life


Gary is the best money I've spent in marketing information yet ! 

~ Jackie Blakely, Screenwriter 


If you are interested in achieving your dreams NOW... this is THE only book and course you need.

~ Kevin Yungman, Actor 


Unlike the many books and courses I’ve taken, I finally found a treasure of actionable, real-world, simple but career-changing tips that I understand and can easily fit into my daily routine. This material feels so personal, like Gary created it just for me. 

~ Wayne Gallagher, Screenwriter


By far, Gary is the best investment I’ve made in my career.

~ Alan Reitsch, Screenwriter


You're a genius at this. I’d never have guessed at the miracles you produce in screenwriters' lives. You own the room on this.

~ Barak Goldman

   Head of Screenwriting Program, Film & TV Dept., De Anza College


Pure gold. It’s as though I just got handed a highly sophisticated navigation system through the inner workings of Hollywood !

~ Elizabeth Lee, Screenwriter, Actor & Producer


I can’t count the number of courses and seminars I’ve been to over the years. I've never found anyone, anywhere, who cuts to the chase like you do. Nothing but smart, practical nuggets that can be translated into clear, practical action steps. 

~ Jordan Hunter, Screenwriter


Not a day goes by that I don't think how glad I am to have followed my heart and signed up for your course. 

~ Suzana Kubota, Screenwriter


You're making a measurable difference in people's lives. I'm so grateful I took your advice. 

~ Claire Hutchinson, Screenwriter


When I finished reading the book, I had no doubt I'd invested in my future.

~ Michael Denison, Screenwriter


Gary makes this world a better place one person at a time by helping us to realize and achieve our life’s meaning. You can spend years searching for pearls of wisdom… or hit the jackpot by spending a few moments with Gary.

~ Rachel Romano, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur


You are one in a million. I’ve read lots of industry books and I must say yours, by far, is one of the best. It’s concise, well written, informative but, more important, it’s sincere, giving and insightful! It was brilliant!  I loved it and will recommend the book to others... because the principle of your thoughts not only applies to our industry but to life as well !

~ Phillip Rhee

   Actor, director, producer & martial artist -- famous for his leading roles 

   in the “Best of the Best” movies


Marina Sirtis has been amazingly helpful and encouraging, and we’ve become quite close. That is all your fault ! Had you not encouraged us to go talk to the people we most want to work with, I would have never dared approach her. Your advice has literally changed my life!

~ Kimberly Huynh, Screenwriter

   [note: Marina has over 65 film & tv acting credits, including ‘Star Trek’]


I can think of no greater strategic advocate for the creative professional than Gary W. Goldstein. He respects and honors their contribution and craft, pulling out all stops to help transform their talent into a real career. I encourage anyone seeking to navigate Hollywood’s minefield to consider Gary as a crucial key to their success.  

~ Paul Glen Neuman, Screenwriter  


Gary's incredibly valuable insights and information are practical and, most amazing, easily incorporated into my daily routine. 

~ Mahr Munding, Screenwriter


This material should be accessible and available to every single screenwriter in Hollywood. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge in such an honest and straightforward fashion.

~ Jaime De Villota, Screenwriter


Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with the world.  You have given me the motivation, courage, and confidence to film a couple of my shorts. Thank You!

~ Jason C. Lucchini, Screenwriter


Nothing but solutions.

~ Isabel Holtreman, Screenwriter (Kalamazoo)


Gary delivers far more than he promises. He’s solid gold. 

~ Kristy Dark, Screenwriter & Producer 


Whether you're an actor, writer, director or producer, Gary is a 'must'. His strategies will get you where you want to be - smarter and faster. If you want to move forward tomorrow, run today to sign up for anything he’s offering.

~ Pat Mikulec, Screenwriter


In an industry notoriously inhabited by fast-talking swindlers, Gary Goldstein is a gold mine for anyone looking to break into the business. He’s more than trustworthy. Gary genuinely cares and knows how to help speed you to your goal.  I can make no higher recommendation.

~ Joe Mazzarini

   Screenwriter & Award-Winning short film Director