The Hollywood Mindset

Career vs Craft...

Even the most extraordinary talent needs to be effectively introduced and made visible to the decision-makers inside the Hollywood beltway.  Otherwise, your talent remains a well-kept secret.  To become known to film & tv insiders, for the public to know you and become fans of your work, you need smart, simple strategies to master the “business of show”.  This master class is only about those very strategies that make competition irrelevant, that rapidly build bridges to your success, all the things others don’t know and aren’t doing.  ‘Breaking Into Hollywood: The Master Class’ is your passport to a long and happy career.

There are over 1,094 books on Amazon that show you “how to write a screenplay”… but next-to-nothing on how to actually break into Hollywood, gain access, create important relationships, sell your scripts and build a successful writing career. Until now.

We love screenwriters and filmmakers and all ‘creatives’, and we hate that so many talented writers (and producers, actors, directors) simply give up in frustration, because they can’t figure out how to crack “the business”.

That’s why this book and coursework were created. To focus on ‘career’, not on your technique or craft as a screenwriter… because, in addition to your talent, screenwriting is a ­­­­business that requires a career plan.




Your career plan or should embrace simple yet effective strategies for:



      Social Networking

      Team building

      Developing your brand or unique creative signature


      Gaining access & getting your scripts read by the right people

      and more.

It’s essential to have a plan and not rely on luck as a strategy.  A smart plan that’s easy to execute (not time-consuming or complicated) is bedrock to your success.

This book and coursework are your “how to”, your blueprint to build a real career as a creative professional and succeed. You’ll discover how to invest very little time each day to get big results -- to open doors and build relationships with the people who matter, relationships that will make all the difference.

A specific set of goals and a smart, detailed action plan to get you where you desire and deserve to go are your “essentials”.  Inside this course are those precise, simple, clear, actionable little things you can do in 30 minutes or less each day that will transform your talent into a business that will support and sustain you.

This coursework consists of 10 modules.  These modules are friendly, easy, and do-able. They’re designed to be completed at the rate of one per week, but you take it at your own pace. Each module contains strategy, exercises, a way to participate with your peers in our community (which we encourage to share learnings, speed your progress, help one another), as well as  an online notebook and social media strategies and prompts.  The course gets you quickly in the habit of doing the very things that create success in the larger community that is Hollywood.

And your ROI, which no longer stands for “return on investment”, but rather “return on involvement” is big. It’s your reward for being truly committed, for planning and taking the sort of consistent little actions that will separate you from the competition and put you smack dab in the center of the 1% who “make it” as a creative professional.

There are only 4 pieces to your puzzle, which are:


The thing that drives you.


Achievable destinations broken down into smart, precise, written action steps.


Precise, proven strategies for success to guide your choices and actions.


The fuel that drives all success, on a consistent basis, as habit.

And this is so crucial, because we all understand the truth of Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones’ statements:

(a)    “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read”, and

(b)    You’re the average of the five people closest to you, the ones you spend the most time with…”.

These strategies work to achieve one primary result: laser-target and quickly up-level your inner circle, allowing you to create relationships with truly influential people with the capacity to make a meaningful difference in your life.


Our ‘Breaking Into Hollywood’ Community and Social Media not only serve you, but are the perfect vehicles to support one another throughout this course (and beyond).  You’ll meet and connect with like-minded, talented folks who are likely seeking answers to the same sort of questions as you. As individuals and as a community, we grow faster when we grow together !  



The vast majority who pursue creative careers possess some degree of passion and talent. That’s also where most stop. Where most fail.

I assume you have talent. I assume you feel passionate about your writing. However, I don’t assume you’ve been taught career literacy, business strategy, innovative marketing. Most don’t talk about it or aren’t willing to share their hard-earned trade secrets.

That’s why I’ve written this book and created this coursework. To lay out for you, in detail, how to translate your goals into easy-to-execute action steps, with modest time investment, all based on proven strategies I’ve used to launch career after career. Just a little time and modest activity, each and every day. If your career truly means that much to you, this is a no-brainer.                                                

My life changed enormously only when I decided to up-level my relationships with mentors, and to befriend people far more successful than myself. That’s the true alchemy of life. It’s not mysterious, it’s not difficult. It just requires seeing it for what it is, the most accelerated way to get where you want to go in life.

Once you commit to success, the only challenge is learning how to make it all happen with the least amount of time and effort.  We’re not taught these things in school, they’re generally not shared openly in Hollywood, but you will discover these game-changers in this course.

It also requires a willingness to permanently move out of your comfort zone. The very words comfort zone are a dangerous lie. It's the place where you settle, where you embrace your lesser self, smiling on the outside and riddled with insecurity and lack of fulfillment in your heart and soul.  Your soul's purpose fades from neglect.  Many opt for this phantom comfort so they won't feel threatened, only to find - usually when it's too late- that it was the single biggest mistake a person can make in this lifetime.

Stop playing it safe -- playing it safe is risky !  Find your joy and be successful. Believe in yourself first, that’s your birthright. Whatever you do, don’t be comfortable.  In fact, the more time you spend being uncomfortable, the faster you'll make progress

If you know anything at all about yoga, you know it’s about stretching. And each time you stretch, in fact, you grow yourself, literally. The next time you face that same challenge, that same stretch, it feels less. You become less fearful of attempting more difficult stretches. You become a better you. The only question is: when are you going to decide?  Are you ready to choose yourself ?  Are you ready to live the life you deserve ?

One of the great outcomes you’ll experience if you take this master class and embrace my counsel, based on years of trial and error, is that you’ll up-level your life. And you’ll do it with precision, knowing what goals to set, the professionals to target (and why), knowing how to approach them (directly or via referral, a brilliant and simple strategy that simply acknowledges how well and predictably human nature responds to the right input). You’ll master these simple ideas and more, and wonder what took you so long to truly, meaningfully get in the game.

You are absolutely capable of becoming part of the ‘lucky’ few who enjoy the creative and economic rewards of a successful screenwriting career.

Congratulations on your decision to take action!

Congratulations on caring enough about your career to do something about it and becoming the architect of your own luck!

Welcome to your future.